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The Lovelock Police Department will continue to use the KID PRINT Child Identification System. This system creates a credit card type identification card for your child, which shows in an instant your child’s picture, name, height, weight, eye and hair color, date of birth, who the parent or guardian is and on the back the right thumbprint. This information can be invaluable if your son or daughter is missing as time is of the essence in locating them.

The KID PRINT system was obtained through a grant from the Nevada Department of Public Safety/Criminal Justice Assistance and the ID cards will be provided to the public at no charge. The information you provide to the Police Department will create an ID card for you to keep and will be maintained in a non-criminal database with your child’s vital information in it for use in case of an emergency.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new program, please feel free to contact my office at any time. I would also like to thank you for your help in keeping the children in our community safe.



Michael J. Mancebo

Chief of Police

Lovelock Police Department